Lusail Bridge

Project at a glance

Project Name
Infrastructure works at wadi crossing - Between Seef Lusail South & QEC
The scope is the construction includes,
  • - Removal and disposal of site debris temporary substructures
  • - Formation of temporary access roads and pedestrian safe walking routes in and around to the site;
  • - Establish, maintain and remove all temporary fences and physical barriers (edge protection) around excavation perimeter;
  • - Excavation and grading to required reduced levels.
  • - Bulk excavation, backfilling and grading in the Wadi to the proposed contours.
  • - Roadway and pavement construction including access road.
  • - Wadi bridge, light rail transit bridge and retaining wall.
  • - Utility works
  • - Relocation / diversion / removal I protection of site wide services as required;
  • - Protection of existing wall at sides of tunnel as per LREDC approval;
  • - Protection of existing deep sea outfall pipe and chambers as per the LREDC approval;
  • - Site layout and access, temporary fencing, and staging;
  • - Traffic and pedestrian management including all necessary maintenance;
  • - Coordinate with QEC and install the traffic signage on the south arm of Junction QEC- 01 which falls outside the limit of work.
  • - Temporary Chain link fence to be installed along the existing seawall and removed post-construction.
  • - Carry out additional geotechnical, geophysical, geo-hydrological and materials investigations and provide all relevant reports deemed to be necessary by LREDC;
Earthwork: 210,000 m3 Filling: 60,000 m3 Asphalt: 7,500 m2 Wadi bridge and Light rail transit bridge