Energy and Industrial

In the competitive environments of Energy and Industry, we work to insure that our name is synonymous with quality projects that meet the visions of the clients, while also insuring the health and safety of all those involved in their establishment and outcomes. Our skills, services and expertise cover the full range of requirements within such challenging industries and we utilize our knowledge throughout to insure that our projects feature the latest technologies and methods, as well as investing into R&D to find the best solutions for even the most challenging nuances.

Our service portfolio in the fields of Energy and Industry span across the following services:

Power Generation
  • Gas turbines
  • Combined cycle gas turbines
  • Diesel generators
Transmission and distribution
  • Overhead Transmission Lines
  • Cabling networks
  • Electrical substations
Renewable Energy
  • Solar cities
  • Wind turbines
  • Industrial Plants
  • Industrial Cities
  • Storage facilities & warehouses
Oil & Gas
  • Oil pipelines
  • Gas pipelines
  • Oil & Gas facilities