Who We Are

InfraRoad was established to cater for the growing demand in the infrastructure sector in Qatar by providing comprehensive services for road and highway construction, water and waste water infrastructure as well as Power generation, transmission and distribution for industrial, commercial and mixed use developments.

InfraRoad first entered the market to provide clients with unrivaled resources and expertise which span the entire spectrum of our services. Building on the legacies provided by the founding companies, InfraRoad is dedicated to delivering quality, sustainable projects that help shape the development of the country and impact the future.

Vision & Mission

Infrastructure plays a key role in the future of a country, it is the foundation of all of its activities and prospective ventures, and therefore our vision is to provide quality foundations for the ventures of tomorrow through the hard work, skills and integrity of our company and its people.

Our mission is to provide quality, sustainable solutions for the development of the region’s infrastructure, industry, roads and water services through using the vast resources bestowed to us by our parent companies to deliver exceptional results to our clients and to insure that we exceeded their needs and expectations.


Both of our vision and mission statements are supported by the values we instill in our company ethos. Our values align our daily activities and help us to support not only our own corporate culture, but also the guiding principles of our parent companies, to reach our common goals and strengthen us as a whole.